The Playful Den

The grim family reality of catching covid

My family and I have all just had covid.


Nurturing playful employees – the future of job-joy

In my career I have been hired and have won work over and over again for being ‘passionate’.


Why my husband and I are now play-dating

I was having a clear out the other day when I found a maternity leave ‘bucket list’ I’d written some time ago. I had to laugh. Else, I might have cried.


Has an increase in unboxing and collectible toys made the toy market less playful?

Sometime ago I was asked to do some radio to comment on the phenomena of unboxing.


Toddler-philosophy. How small kids teach us big lessons about living fulfilled lives

My youngest son Scout is 2 years old.


10 easy ways to BOOST playfulness at home


SEN Play with Laura Jogela-Williams

I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Jogela-Williams who is a Teacher and SEN expert. Her insight into the role of play with SEN children is fascinating and one that I hope you will find of interest and of use in your lives.


‘Mum Guilt’: curse of the modern mother

There are many practical things that have made it easier for parents today to raise small humans; the inventions, the child-friendly facilities, the ways of connecting to other parents, the endless experiences, the world has been opened wide to family life


Why I quit my big girl job to #liveplayfully

Welcome to my new office. The office of…life? Instagram? Blogging? Creating? Inventing? Dreaming? Who knows? I’m sure I’ll figure out what comes next.


How to playfully build a social media profile

I have been asked to share my tips and thoughts on building a presence online.