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Corporate Consultancy

Working with a roster of world-class brands, including Hasbro, Nike, LEGO, Netflix and McDonald’s, Playful Den have helped disrupt industries by providing insightful and innovative solutions.

Our business services help teams to infuse play into their work. 


Need some help or ideas on how to
make processes and teamwork more playful? Let us help you.

Ideas & inventions

Can your business or brand benefit from having more playful interactions with your consumers? Allow our innovation and design teams to bring you some fresh thinking and new concepts direct from the playbox.


Play can feel like a scary concept for leaders to embrace, but once you get it, there’s no going back. Allow us to inspire your team about how to play more at work and turn processes in playtime.


You’ve done all the individual profile methods and still something is missing. Have you thought about learning your team’s play personality. This insightful window into colleagues’ psyche can help you work together more intuitively and have more fun in the process. Let our facilitators connect your team over their play styles. 

Playful Parenting for family employees

Many of us are now working from home. Whilst this has logistical benefits, it also means we’re now living at work. Parent employees are important to your business future and after a tough time in the pandemic, they’re burning out. Allow us to take them on a 3 part course on becoming a Playful Parent. We’ll support them with managing boundaries, finding everyday moments of joy and helping them to achieve a work-life-play sway.

read about the course here.

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