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My son has only ever been called a girl and here’s what it taught me

Ever since Scout has been out and about in the world (and as a 2020 baby, that got off to a slow start 😬😳), he has never ever, not even once, been referred to as a boy. Every new person who stumbles across a Scout on their travels, regardless of generation, refers to him as a girl.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Why are we so obsessed with asking kids what they want to be when they grow-up?

What do you want to be when you grow-up? We’ve all been asked. It’s one of those common questions kids are asked, partly for titillation of what they’ll come back with and partly, if you have an invested role in their future because you really want to know and you want them to get on the track to pursuing a job that will make them successful. 


Please can we stop labelling our magical mother minds as ‘baby brain’?

After having a baby some pretty wild things happen inside a woman’s brain box. After my third birth I felt like I was confusing the names of the kids all the time, like some kind of stereotypical grandma in a cartoon.


Baths are known for relaxation time, but here’s why they’re also playtime

During my pregnancy with Scout I started a love affair with the bath that is still continuing two years later!


The grim family reality of catching covid

My family and I have all just had covid.


Nurturing playful employees – the future of job-joy

In my career I have been hired and have won work over and over again for being ‘passionate’.


Why my husband and I are now play-dating

I was having a clear out the other day when I found a maternity leave ‘bucket list’ I’d written some time ago. I had to laugh. Else, I might have cried.


Has an increase in unboxing and collectible toys made the toy market less playful?

Sometime ago I was asked to do some radio to comment on the phenomena of unboxing.


Toddler-philosophy. How small kids teach us big lessons about living fulfilled lives

My youngest son Scout is 2 years old.


10 easy ways to BOOST playfulness at home