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We are an ideas collective here to support you to unleash the power of PLAY. 

Inside the Den psychologists, researchers, content creators, innovators, writers and big thinkers collaborate across a range of services. From product ideas, brand campaigns and courses our reach is wide and varied.

We already have the solution – PLAY.

How we activate that flexes to meet your needs. 

We believe it is time to set play free, it is time to #liveplayfully

We live in a complex world that is undergoing an existential crisis. This world desperately needs more play.

It is time to rethink play from something kids do or a luxury for busy adults to seeing its full potential: an underused free human power source that can change the world.


Corporate Consultancy

Working with a roster of world-class brands, including Hasbro, Nike, LEGO, Netflix and McDonald’s, Playful Den have helped disrupt industries by providing insightful and innovative solutions.

Influencer / Brand Partnerships

Tap into an engaged community of families and parents who love to play! With over 33k followers on Instagram, Playful Den offers a unique opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience and bring your brand to life through meaningful influencer partnerships.

Indie Business Mentorship + Consultancy

Take your indie business to new heights with our expert mentorship and consultancy services. Our tailored approach combines world-class insights with personalised guidance to help you reach your full potential and drive your brand forward. 




My son has only ever been called a girl and here’s what it taught me

Ever since Scout has been out and about in the world (and as a 2020 baby, that got off to a slow start 😬😳), he has never ever, not even once, been referred to as a boy. Every new person who stumbles across a Scout on their travels, regardless of generation, refers to him as a girl.

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Why are we so obsessed with asking kids what they want to be when they grow-up?

What do you want to be when you grow-up? We’ve all been asked. It’s one of those common questions kids are asked, partly for titillation of what they’ll come back with and partly, if you have an invested role in their future because you really want to know and you want them to get on the track to pursuing a job that will make them successful. 

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Emma Worrollo

Kid-culture investigator. Creative strategist. Writer. Influencer of thoughts and ideas. Part time mermaid.
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Dr Rudkin

Child and family psychologist. Author. Therapist. Play-led childhood champion.
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Azhelle Wade

AKA the Toy Coach. Product designer. Inventor mentor. Podcaster. Toy industry insider.
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Jodie Hammersley

Virtual Assistant and Business Cheerleader. Organisation enthusiast. Nature lover and woodland walker.
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Ben Martin

Editor. Podcaster. Content machine. Retro culture enthusiast. Playful father of 3.
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Naomi Holden

Den decorator and designer. Visual brand champion. Art & culture vulture.
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Harry Deadman

Director. Films. Ads. Documentaries. Makes magic with cameras, costumes and music.
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Join Emma and Ben as they playfully discuss family life, pop culture and their latest adulting dilemmas. In each episode Emma interviews a new guest who teaches us something about the role play has had in their life and work. #liveplayfully 

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