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Take your indie business to new heights with our expert mentorship and consultancy services. Our tailored approach combines world-class insights with personalised guidance to help you reach your full potential and drive your brand forward. 



Is your small to medium-sized business struggling to reach and engage with families, children, or parents? Do you have a strong product or service but lack the know-how to effectively communicate your brand’s unique qualities and appeal to your target audience?

I’m here to transform your business and give you the confidence to reach your target audience. As a comprehensive brand consultancy package, Lift-Off is specifically designed for small businesses selling to families, children, and parents.

Starting with a pre-call workbook and task, we’ll prepare for our 60-minute brand consultancy call where I’ll work with you to fully understand your brand’s unique qualities and how to effectively position and pitch it to the next generation.

After the call, you’ll leave with a clear positioning statement, brand language, values, and purpose, as well as a short deck summarising these key elements. This deck will serve as a valuable reference tool as you continue to grow and develop your brand.

Let’s take your business to new heights with Lift Off!

Investment: £1800+VAT



  • Pre-call workbook and task to prepare for the brand consultancy call
  • 60-minute brand consultancy call
  • Understanding of your brand’s unique qualities and how to position it to the target audience
  • Clear positioning statement, brand language, values, and purpose
  • Short deck summarising key elements of the brand strategy
  • Expert guidance and a fresh perspective to transform your brand and reach new heights.


This product is perfect for you if:

  • You run a small to medium-sized business looking to position and pitch your brand to families, children, or parents.
  • You have a strong product or service but lack the expertise or resources to effectively communicate your brand’s unique qualities.
  • You’re struggling to effectively reach and engage with your target audience.
  • You’re in need of a fresh perspective and expert guidance to transform your brand and reach new heights.
  • You’re looking to take your branding and marketing to the next level and create products and services tailored to the next generation of consumers.
  • You want to gain clarity and focus on your brand and leave with a clear positioning statement, brand language, values, and purpose that sets you apart from the competition.






Meet your ideal mentor – an industry expert with hands-on experience. Are you feeling stuck at a plateau? Do you want to reach a wider audience but don’t know how to connect with families, children, and parents in a meaningful way? My #Workplayfully mentorship program is here to help!

This program holds you accountable and challenges you to do more, with ongoing support, guidance, and a fresh perspective to transform your brand.

With monthly calls and voicenote support, I’ll guide you to take action and achieve higher productivity, a refined business offering, and a stronger connection to your target consumer.

I believe that work can be play, and I want to help you bring that into your business efforts. My goal is to help you reach families, children, and parents in a way that feels light and enjoyable.

Stop feeling like you’re on this journey alone. With #Workplayfully, you’ll have someone to get feedback from, bounce ideas off of, and receive expert insight.

Investment: £1500+VAT



With #Workplayfully, you’ll receive:

  • A 3 month mentorship
  • A comprehensive workbook to kickstart the process
  • Pre-task assignments to get you thinking and prepare you for your mentorship
  • A Personalised 90-minute call with me every month to keep you on track and accountable
  • Voicenote support with my “Polly Pocket Pep Talks” to keep you motivated and inspired every step of the way.


This product is perfect for you if:

  • Your small to medium-sized business serves families, children, or parents, but you struggle to effectively communicate your brand’s unique qualities to your target audience.
  • You need a knowledgeable and experienced mentor to help you identify opportunities for growth and provide a fresh perspective on your business.
  • You’re ready for accountability and a challenge to push you out of your comfort zone and reach new heights.
  • You’re seeking the guidance and feedback of an industry expert to help you stay on track and make informed decisions.
  • You want ongoing support from a mentor who understands the industry and can help you effectively prioritise and achieve your marketing goals.


For over a decade, I’ve made it my mission to delve into the hearts and minds of Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and their parents. My globetrotting journey has taken me to the frontlines of playtime, technology adoption, decision-making, and what constitutes fun for these generations.

Working with a roster of world-class brands, including Hasbro, Nike, LEGO, Netflix and McDonald’s, I’ve helped disrupt industries by providing insightful and innovative solutions.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded my own consumer insights agency, The Pineapple Lounge in 2010 (exited 2022), I bring unrivalled knowledge to your brand. Not only do I possess a deep understanding of consumer insights, but I also understand what it takes to build and grow a successful business.

As a leading expert in the consumer behaviour of children, parents, and families, I have a wealth of knowledge on what motivates these audiences and how best to connect with them to create products and services that truly resonate. I’m bringing my big business experience to the world of small brands to bring you the high-level expertise you need to stand out and be heard.




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